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I’m Priti the co-founder, principal writer, and chief editor of HealthWealth Talks and it gives me great pleasure to tell you about HealthWealth Talks.

Over time I have understood if we really want to be happy (for the majority of people) we need to have good health and wealth.

These two things if you possess you are one of the happiest people on this planet.

But hardly very few people possess both of these in the right proportion.

The lifestyle and other associated factors are responsible which leads to problems like obesity, Blood pressure, Diabetes and so many several health ailments.

In the wealth aspect also our mindset, knowledge, the way of perceiving things does not allow us to be abundant.

HealthWealth Talks is envisioned to inspire, guide and motivate people to live a healthy and wealthy life.

When it comes to true happiness it is not only wealth but also good health that contributes equally or even more.

There are several laws and forces in the universe which are we are not aware of like law of attraction, the law of vibration, etc. These laws if mastered and applied can attract good health, enormous wealth and abundance. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and religiously follow it.

I am an avid reader on topics like self-help, the law of attraction, quantum physics, spirituality, health, and fitness. I strongly believe that we have enormous power in ourselves. If you put in some efforts you can be amazed by your true potential.

Honestly, I do not provide any out-of-the-world information or miraculous solutions. My blog posts or articles are based upon my personal experience which made my beliefs and thoughts.

I’m an optimist and believe in upgrading myself on a daily basis. I motivate myself and like to inspire others on how they can make their life better.

I don’t write anything just for the sake of writing or what I like and think or best for me.

I conduct thorough research so that content is authentic, complete, real and worth enough to be sensible and meaningful for you.

With this blog, I like to inspire and motivate everyone on how to attract Health, Wealth, Happiness and ultimate Abundance.

I will be really happy to make a little positive difference in people’s life.

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Stay Healthy Wealthy and Happy 😀👍

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