Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021

brain training for dogs review

Here, I am with the Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021.

It’s not easy to train your dog. When it comes to train your dog you try to find out some sources that can help you with that. Most of the courses which are not up to the mark end up with more behavioral issues than they started with.

But if you are lucky to find the right course or training that will surely going to make your dog more obedient and happy.

One such amazing course is “Brain Training for dogs” by Adrienne Farricelli. And I am going to review it in details with all the major aspects covered.

This Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021, is going to explain exactly  why the course is so good, who is the trainer and why you should trust her, what’s not that good about the course, and at the end, you will be able to decide whether the course is worth buying or not.

So let’s start and find out everything about this program.

Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021– A Quick Overview

brain training for dogs review 2021

This training program for dogs is based mainly on positive reinforcement over punishment. There are several sections and each section covers almost every possible behavior problem and how to fix them.

Good news is that it is available on a discounted price of $47 (for a limited period). The amount of content that you are going to get at such a sheer amount is unbelievable. Above all, if you are not satisfied with it, you have 60 days money back guarantee.

The course has been created by Adrienne Farricelli. She possess years of experience and extensive knowledge about training dogs.

Some people are of the opinion to hire a private trainer for dogs, but in my opinion it’s not that beneficial. The best way is to train your dog on your own.

Find out more about Brain Training For Dogs.

Why Is Brain Training For Dogs So Effective?

That’s absolutely true that before reading further, you must want to know why brain training for dogs is so effective. Unless and until you trust something, you are not going to get it.

The core principle in this dog training program is to use positive reinforcement to make your puppy behave in a better way that you want.

It creates an exceptionally strong bond between you and your dog and thus this positive reinforcement works so well.

Your dog will be happy to follow your commands as the bond, trust and affection between you and your dog will be super strong by the end.

This course is based not on punishment so you don’t have to be hard or harsh on your dog. Which is usually often the problem with other available courses.

Why “Brain Training For Dogs” Training Course Is Better Than Other Courses?

As it is already mentioned that Brain Training for Dogs follows a training method which others are not following.

The old training methods still believe and teach to dominate your dog. These methods teaches to fear the dogs for punishment rather to seek rewards.

This has been noticed that dog may behave properly in some case out of fear but in most of the cases other serious issues sprout up.

The most common problems that arises are fear and mistrust towards you, lack of interest in learning and in few cases, they may lose self-esteem too.

Here is the reason when you compare these old traditional training with the positive reinforcement training by Adrienne Farricelli, you will find it very effective.

Your pup will enjoy the training and will begin to form a bond of love and trust for you.

About The Trainer Adrienne Farricelli

brain training 4 dogs trainer Adrienne Farricelli

You must be well aware of about the trainer Adrienne Farricelli, to trust her course. Even I was not knowing her before I bought the course for my dog. But soon I got to know that she has got a ton of experience to train dogs.

She is working with dogs since 2006 which is more than 15 years. Not only is this she a professionally certified dog behavior therapist.

She has been featured on various famous platforms like USA Today, E-How, Daily Puppy, Nest Pets and Paw Nation. Also a writer for every Dog Magazine too.

Also she does not only know how to train and look after the family dogs, but she is very good in training service and therapy dogs too.

Pricing Of Brain Training For Dogs Program

Obviously price can be major determining factor to decide upon buying anything or not. But you will be glad to know that this program will cost you only $47. I am sure that you are not going to get any similar training program at such a cost.

Money Back Guarantee

money back gurantee

You should be sure about the quality of product because Adrienne also offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.

Even if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can get a refund without any question asked.

Check out Brain Training For Dogs

What Adrienne Farricelli Will Teach My Dog Via Brain Training For Dogs?

Adrienne is a professional dog trainer and she is going to teach your dog how to be well behaved and be happy doing that.

They will be happy because they associate good behavior with rewards. Your dog will not be scared of your instructions, in fact love to follow them.

It is divided into main course which is going to teach you the fundamentals. But the smaller course will address some common problems that dogs have, this course will teach how to overcome these problems. Few of the problems that are going to cover are:







How Is Brain Training For Dogs Designed?

Brain Training For Dogs is designed in a simple and easy to understand manner.

There are number of videos and easy to follow instructions so any one can easily follow them.

The course is divided into different sections. The first part or section basically cover the most fundamental and basic levels of training. Gradually as you move on the training get a little difficult as your pup get accustomed to it.

What Stages are there in the course?

In this section of Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021 you will get to know the different stages in this course. These stages are in the form of “schools” as shown below:

Level 1 – Preschool

Level 2 – Elementary

Level 3 – High School

Level 4 – College

Level 5 – University

Level 6 – Graduation

Level 7 – Einstein

There are different lessons in each level that you need to take your dog, by doing so your dog will be a well behaved one.

Also to mention that you don’t need to follow the levels in the sequence of levels if you don’t want to do. It all depend on how obedient your pup is already, based on that you can start from anywhere

However, it I will recommend to start from the beginning so that you could not miss out any basics.

What Details Are Covered In Each Levels?

In the initial levels, your pup is going to learn the very basics. As the levels are getting high they become a bit harder.

I am going to present a brief guide in this “Brain Training for Dogs Review 2021″ on what’s there in each level.

Level 1 – Preschool

This level is just like real preschool. Here it will cover the fundamentals that will form the base for the further training for your pup.

At this level, the primary focus is going to attract dogs attention. This is very crucial because once you are able to catch dog’s attention on easy stuff it will be easy for the harder stuff too in the later stages.

The main thing about this section is making your pup to maintain eye contact. This also train them to focus on what you want the dog to focus on.

At this level 1 you dog will learn mainly “Target Training, “Eye Contact” and “The Airplane Game”. This level 1 training help you improve your dogs attention.

Level 2 – Elementary

As you move from level 1 to level 2 which is the Elementary school they will begin to learn how to listen to command. Not only this will they learn to follow what you are going to tell them.

At this stage there are variety of games like “Treasure Hunt”, “The Muffin Game” and “The Airplane Game”. They will learn through playing games.

These games are a bit advanced level of what was there in the level 1. A routine will be maintained and a will challenge their brain as well.

Level 3 – High School

Now, at level 3 thing will be more interesting. Now your pup is ready to get into the final stages of learning the basics. This level will teach your dog mental endurance and self-control.

The games at this level are “Jazz Up and Settle Down”, “The Bottle Game” and “Bobbing For Treats”. These games focus mainly on letting dog believe that they will get rewards for positive behavior and teaching them how to behave and act.

Level 4 – College

At the level 4 things are getting more interesting. It is just like college for us which is more advanced and fun.

This is the stage when your dog will actually start to learn how to act and react to your commands and stay calm. It also test and boost their mental capacity as well.

The games at this stage are “The Shell Game”, “The Open Sesame Game”, and “The Magic Carpet Game”.

These games are very effective to develop incredible focus in your dog. While practicing these games they will be more calm and focused rather that getting excited.

Level 5 – University

After passing through four levels your dog is now extremely obedient, happy and calm in different situations. And now it’s the time to get into University level where you are going to stretch the difficulty level even more.

At this university level your pup will learn how to control their emotions and impulses.

The games at this level 5 are “Hide & Seek”. “The Look Game”, and “The Hot & Cold Game”.

By learning these games your dog will learn how to react rightly to situations like seeing other dogs and being left alone.

Level 6 – Graduation

Graduation level is almost the final stage of the training. (Einstein is more for fun).

At this stage, your dog will actually learn how to act and behave appropriately.

You will be surprised to see that your dog is the most obedient dog you know and will obey all your commands happily.

The games that are there in this level are “Leg Weaving”, “Serentine & Spiral”, and “Name Recognition”.

Your dog will follow all your commands after doing this lesson. They will be able to recall things by name, love to stay by your side and move around your legs.

dog playing chess

Level 7 – Einstein

It is the most advance stage and final too. You can skip this stage altogether, still your dog will be super obedient. Although if you want to take it to next level than you must go for this stage.

The games that will be there in this stage are “Tidy Up”, “Ring Stacker” and even “Play The Piano”

This stage is going to take a lot of time, nevertheless, if you put the time in it will be worth for your time.

 dog playing piano

Extra Bonuses with the Course?

You will be happy to know that not only the course is amazing, it comes with some additional bonuses. Here’s what else is included:

  • A Private Forum

You will get access to a private forum which is the real value. Here you can ask any question about the dogs. You will get the answer either from other members or by Adrienne herself.

When you are training your dog you may have some questions in mind and the forum like this will definitely be the most valuable tool that you have.

  • Case Studies

If you want to know how Adrienne trains dogs and what actions she takes, you can get to know all these by accessing over the shoulder case studies. By accessing these case studies you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in certain situations.

Whatever issues you have with your pup you will be able to train your dog. Also if will give you a clear understanding of how you should interact with your dog.

  •  Adrienne’s Archive

Adrienne has written more than 100 articles related to dog training and you are going to get access to all. These articles will also help you in your dog’s training

Who can Take this Course?

This course will be good fit for you if you have a dog with serious behavioral issues. This is for those too who have got a puppy that needs training from very basic level or a dog that has some training already but need some more improvement.

This course is not for those who cannot spend time and energy training your dog. If you actually want to have an obedient and well behaved dogs then it’s surely going to take some time.

This course will be the best course for you if you are willing to spend time and energy

And if your dog has any behavioral problems that are mentioned below:

Barking uncontrollably.

Not listening to you.

Pulling on the leash.

Acting aggressively.

Chewing things they shouldn’t.

Jumping up.

Constantly whining.


Getting overexcited.

Then this training program is definitely going to help you. This is perfectly suitable for anyone who wants to develop a strong affectionate bond with their pup.

What Are The Downsides for this Dog Training Program?

Of course, no one is perfect in this world so how can a course be 100% perfect for everyone. I am here for Brain Training for Dogs Review so I need to be honest in this regard. This training program has also few downsides as mentioned below:

  • Sound Quality Could Be Better

What I felt that the sound quality is not that good. Although its not that bad or anywhere near inaudible, but it has a scope for improvement. It may be due to the fact that videos were recorded sometime back when there were limited resources.

Nevertheless, the content is the king and it is the best and so relevant to the users that this minute lacking will not be felt.

  • There’s A Lot Of Reading

There is a lot of reading material which is being provided along with the videos. You may feel it little boring if you don’t enjoy reading. But not to miss the fact that a lot of cool pictures are there throughout the lessons and forums that keep the engagement.

 Final Words

So here in this “Brain Training For Dogs Review 2021” I have tried to cover each and every aspect related to the course.

By the time you must have understood that Brain Training For Dogs is an extremely powerful and effective training program.

Buy Brain Training For Dogs Here 

This is for sure that if you are ready to put in the time you are surely going to have a very well-behaved pup. Not only this, but you are going to have an exceptionally deep connection with them.